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Students' Clinic

The Students' Clinic was decentralized from the main hospital in 2007 in order to give effective and quality health care to the University students. Consultation starts from 7:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. Students at the recovery ward are reviewed and discharged at 5 pm. Students are referred to the Main hospital for admission. They can also be seen at the Main Hospital after 5.00pm.

Freshers’ Medical Examinations take place at the Students’ Clinic Annex.

The Clinic is closed during vacation.

The Clinic has two (2) consulting rooms, 2 recovery wards, a waiting room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Records section and a Treatment room. An Annex block has been created to cater for Students Medical Examinations (Freshers).


Staff strength

  1. Doctors                                               2
  2. Psychiatrist                                         1  
  3. Principal  nursing officers                  2
  4. Senior nursing officer                         1 
  5. Nursing officer                                   1
  6. Records staff                                       2
  7. Pharmacy staff                                    2
  8. Laboratory staff                                  1


Services for Students

These services include: General Consultation, Out-patient and In-patient services, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Dental Care, Eye Care, ENT, Psychiatry, Counselling Unit, Preventive Health, etc.)


Medical Examinations

The University Health Services, in accordance with regulations on admissions of students for academic studies, conducts medical examinations for Freshers’ in order to determine their medical fitness to pursue their respective academic programmes.


Freshers’ Orientation

As part of the University’s orientation for freshmen after the admission processes, the Hospital, on its part, offers health care information services to students at the various Colleges.


Medical Reports

The Hospital provides students’ medical reports upon request from various departments.



The hospital continues to serve as a study site for different types of research projects.



Our doors are opened for students to acquire practical training and experience of theoretical knowledge obtained from lectures over the study period. Medical Students, Nursing and Midwifery students are placed in the facility for rotations in medical, surgical and pediatric wards and OPD for their practicals. Clinical Practice training is also gained in our Laboratory, Eye, Dental, Radiology and Pharmacy Units.

Industrial Attachments are essential components to satisfy the requirement of Administrative and Accounting programmes, hence, students choose the hospital in their quest to gain hands-on training.


Work and Study Programme

The Hospital offers placement to needy students who are not able to access scholarships or financial services at the Students’ Financial Services Office. Students who accept to be on the programme have enough time to work in some units and earn some income.  


Health Screening/ Health Talk

The Hospital provides health screening for students during Faculty/Hall/ Students’ Union Week Celebrations. Health Talks are also provided upon request.


National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) services

The Hospital helps students in registration and renewal of NHIS cards. Refunds for non-insured drugs are processed for students